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Every time I dig into ÕIS I face lots of interesting things. At some point I decided that it would make sense to share these things, so I started this page. I’ll keep other interesting facts and stats here too.

If you have ideas for other interesting stats then please leave a comment.

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Names with a dot

It seems like lecturer names are free-written and are not linked to actual accounts. For example, one of the courses lists M. Pihlak (TEM0324) when Margus Pihlak was probably meant.

Here is a list of all lecturers with a dot in their name:

Longest names

Sure enough it is not a fault of ÕIS, just an interesting list :)

List of courses with characters other than A-Z 0-9

Longest Estonian course names

– Do you have any lectures today?
– Yeah, I have, um… Computation Methods in Chemical Engineering and Fundamentals of Chemical Processes Design!

Longest English course names

Shortest course names

Other course names are very short.

English names:

Estonian names:

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