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Studying Computer Systems Engineering (IASM02-15).

Email: alex.jakimenko+ttuwiki@gmail.com

Study plan

2017 Autumn (planned)

TMJ1230Technology Enterprise Creation and Financing
IEM3040Data Acquisition Means and Methods
IAF0610Design for Test
IAF0620Verification of Digital Systems
HOE7250International Intellectual Property Law

2017 Spring (current)

TMJ1030Entrepreneurship and Business Planning ()
IBX0030Innovation and Creative Problem Solving ()
IAY0550Systems-on-Chip Design ()
ISC0010Microprocessor Systems ()
ISP0012Timing Analysis of Software Dynamic Properties ()
IAY0340Digital Systems Modeling and Synthesis ()
IAG0060Software Project Management ()

Total: 34 EAP

2016 Autumn (previous)

IBX0060Robotics ()
IAF0320Computer Systems Engineering (✓ 💩)
IAG0010Advanced Course in Programming I ()
ISP0051Applied Data Communication ()
IAY0600Digital Systems Design ()
IAG0450Analysis of Programming Languages ()

Total: 30 EAP

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My Notes:

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